Chair Sketches

Media: Graphite

Class or Personal: Personal

I began a study of chairs to both challenge my abilities to sketch what I observe as well as explore my interest in designing and building chairs.

In the first sketch, I focused on how the light appeared against different materials. I also placed the chair in the corner of the room to help me to describe the dimension of the object as well as my attempt to have my composition appear balanced:


The second piece in my chair study, this time I was interested in capturing the design of a very different chair. This chair was more formal, the texture I observed was organic and the size of the chair, in relation to the background helps me to define its mass:


The final sketch in my chair study, I was interested in the construction of an outdoor piece of furniture. The chair was made of wood and metal and had a very defined, linear shape. The challenge for me was capturing the detail of the slats I observed while representing the shadows that fell across the object: